Using the Community Action Brand

To get started using the Community Action branding, please consult our Community Action Guidelines.
Why Brand with the National Community Action Partnership?

When your agency brands itself as a member of the National Community Action Partnership, you are connecting your work and visibility to successful, national efforts to fight poverty.  What connects all of the diverse agencies within our Network is the Promise: “Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.” 

The Promise Makes Us Different

The Promise Makes Us Different

Every one of us should be asking ourselves “What are we doing today to deliver the Community Action Promise?” Every document, each story that we tell should be an example of how Community Action delivers the Promise. The Community Action brand is the Promise, and each day we must call the Promise into action. 

Font Family & Font Usage
The consistent and coordinated use of type with other visual elements, such as color and the logotype, play a major role in the identification system. The Formata family of typeface is used on all stationery items and should be used in all printed materials.

Formata Family:
Formata regular, medium, italic, medium italic

You may choose a complimentary serif typeface for cooresponding text.
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Delivering on the Promise
The Promise is what makes us different. It is the Promise that brings us together and makes us a genuine brand. We are a national Network like no other in the country. Even though our Community Action Partnerships may administer 50 or more different programs and services– all unique, all tailored to the specific needs of the community– we have this in common: the Community Action Promise! Our mission statement is what we do! Our Promise is how we feel about what we do. The Promise helps to define us as a Community Action brand more than our CSBG funds and our tri-partite board system.
Why Use the Community Action Logo
We use the Community Action Partnership logo to imprint us one network, but it is delivering the Promise that sets us apart. Remember this: Community Action is the only social service anti-poverty Network that has such a Promise. So we must always ask ourselves “how ar epeople carrying out the Promise?” Without it, it is difficult to differentiate us from any other human services organization. But because we have a Promise, it is a threat that weaves us together as one. It is embedded in all that we do, it becomes our “pledge” to the people that we service and the people who support us.
It's About How People Feel
When we talk about how people feel about Community Action we refer to the range of feelings that include, but are not limited to confidence, satisfaction, trust, respect, comfort and loyalty. The “people” includes all stakeholders: program participants, community members, public officials, supporters, funders, members of the media, and others who have involvement with Community Action.  For an organization to be a genuine brand, it must meet several expectations:

1. It is truly distinctive in a manner that is important or valued by its users.

2. It is committed to providing emotional and functional benefits.

3. It consistently fulfills its promise and delivers on its commitment.

When people come away from a Community Action Agency feeling positive emotionally, the Promise has been delivered. Multiply that by the 1000-plus Community Action Agencies in the country and the Community Action brand becomes one that is recognizable and turned to time and again.  It takes work to make this happen, but Community Action has successully faced many more difficult challenges over the years. 

Strategy For Our Brand
What are we doing to deliver the Community Action Promise every day? What are doing to make sure everyone in Community Action understands HOW to deliver the Promise? Today there are hundreds of Community Action Agencies that deliver that Promise and understand the power of the positive emotional impact, whether the impact is local, statewide, or national. They udnerstand that carrying the logo alone is not the anser– that is not enough.

When there is a story to be covered, a proposal to be funded, an organization to recognize, or a new alliance to develop, the Community Action Partnership can be the one that people consistently turn to.

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