Community Action Partnership reminds its members and supporters of the words of the Community Action Promise: “We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.” Our Network across the country is committed to serving all members of the community who are in need, regardless of religious affiliation, nationality, race or ethnicity. In providing exceptional programs and services that enable people to achieve economic security for themselves and their families, organizations in the Community Action Network do not discriminate but instead foster a spirit of inclusion and acceptance.

“From the people we serve to the programs we provide, Community Action Partnership has always found strength in diversity,” said Community Action Partnership CEO Denise Harlow. “Our organizations assist all regions of the country from urban centers to rural communities, and we strive to empower all individuals who come to us.”

In fulfilling the Community Action Promise to change lives and improve communities, Community Action Partnership assists the network of agencies around the country with resources to help them understand and respond to the challenges that come with intersections of poverty and racism. Our Learning Communities Resource Center is hosting two webinars addressing implicit racial bias and institutional racism in February. More information about these webinars and other tools from the Learning Communities Resource Center.