Upon release of the news of the proposed budget cuts, Community Action Partnership CEO Denise Harlow said:

“The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) is vital to the nation’s network of 1,000+ local Community Action Agencies (CAAs). Local CAAs serve more than 99 percent of America’s counties, providing services and other supports to struggling families, and working to revitalize communities. CAAs are locally-based organizations that each respond to their community’s unique set of needs. Last year, Community Action Agencies leveraged an addition $7.70 for each $1.00 of CSBG, including $2.34 in private resources to touch the lives of more than 15.6 million individuals in 6.6 million families. This impact is felt in communities across America, from the most rural community to suburban neighborhoods to urban centers. As the Promise of Community Action states, ‘we care about the entire community.'”

Harlow continued, “Cuts to Weatherization and LiHEAP will increase the energy burden on families, forcing many senior citizens and people with disabilities to make difficult choices between basic needs. The Community Services Block Grant and the local agencies it funds are an investment in our nation’s families and future. The proposed cuts would leave local communities across the country unprepared to assist families. We believe that Congress understands the needs of families in their local communities and appreciates the important role Community Action Agencies play at the local level.”