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Community Action Resource Guide on Proposed Poverty Measure Changes

We have compiled a list of resources below on this issue to assist agencies in crafting their own public comments, These resources includes: Public Comments from National Partners, Guidance from the National Partners, Materials from National Anti-Poverty Advocates, and News Articles and Media Coverage about the proposed changes.

States Leading the Way: Practical Solutions that Lift up Children and Families

Ascend at the Aspen Institute is the national hub for breakthrough ideas and collaborations that move children and the adults in their lives to educational success, economic security, and health and well-being. Practical State Solutions profiles effective solutions from Ascend partners throughout the United States and the work driven by leaders in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland,Minnesota, Tennessee, and Utah. It contains recommendations on processes that lead to better outcomes for families, lessons learned on engaging and bringing families to the table as empowered experts, and information on how to move to the next level whether you are starting your 2Gen journey or working to go deeper

2-Gen Principles to Practice

The Minnesota 2-Generation Policy Network is a collaborative of state agencies, counties local organizations, and tribal nations in Minnesota, designed to advance two-generation approaches to policies and practices that improve outcomes for children and parents together. From a two-year period of this inter-agency and cross-sector effort, the network established a set of guiding principles–define the “how” of two-generation work. This tool intends to surface strengths and opportunities for moving these principles into practice for those who create policy or manage programs that affect families.The principles are equally important and interrelated; as you go through the tool, you may find that practices in one principle rely on practices in another. They are presented in no particular order.

Community Action Economic Mobility Initiative Design Plan

This Community Action Economic Mobility Initiative Design Plan is meant to help your team think through and detail the essential elements of your whole family approach. It is organized by Components – and each Component section asks you to answer a set of questions. Answering all the questions will produce a “picture” of your effort – and a better sense of the work you have ahead of you. As you complete this design plan, you may find there are things you have not yet thought about, or challenges you don’t yet know how to address.

Crosswalk of the CSBG Organizational Standards and Head Start Performance Standards

This crosswalk is intended to be a practical tool for CAAs, highlighting ways that board and staff members can leverage the intersection between the two sets of requirements to demonstrate compliance with the rules of both programs.

CAAs are encouraged to use the Crosswalk, which is an editable spreadsheet, to track internal compliance efforts. The Introduction to the Crosswalk provides a brief overview of the CSBG Organizational Standards and the Head Start Performance Standards, as well as suggestions on how to use the Crosswalk.

CAPturing the Power of the Sun

While low-income communities have not been included in most of the deployment of clean energy technology, Greater Bergen CAA in Hackensack, NJ has developed an award-winning community solar energy enterprise. Recognized by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council as the 2015 Community Renewables Project of the Year, CAP Solar has installed 2 MW of solar power on 36 non-profit buildings.

Minimizing Organizational Risk in Energy Programs and Partnerships

Presentation from the 2018 CAP Management and Leadership Conference from the NASCSP energy team. Discusses roles and responsibilities of various levels within the network and at an agency with strategies to minimize risk at the agency level.


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